What do I do with a trusting body on my treatment table?  And why?

Chakra positions shown on the body.

I could have offered a simple list of techniques and trainings, but that’s really not the point. In fact, that’s exactly what the point is not. The most effective techniques yield little to no results in uncaring or preoccupied hands. Conversely, fairly simple techniques sometimes yield astonishing miracles when applied, performed, used by hands full of love and listening.

What my treatment is always based upon as the foundation and the core: my hands, (and possibly elbows), will love you for the duration of your time with me, no matter who you are, what’s wrong or right in your life or your body, no matter what you’ve done or failed to do. My hands don’t discriminate as long as you’re still breathing, they are curious to listen to the story your soft tissues are telling in every moment. And they’re eager to assist in the development of the plot.

It’s not a verbal story, it’s beyond verbal. I can remain nearly silent for an hour at a time while my hands and your body have a fascinating conversation I know almost nothing about! I absolutely respect the privacy of everyone’s body and I strive to never explore tissue at a depth or in a manner that isn’t invited by the body. I don’t mind the details; my sole purpose and focus is to shine the love and light wherever needed so your body can more easily bring softening, healing, releasing of tension or pain to those places. I think of myself as the magic wand but you the client are the magician.

I’ve been enamored of fascia ever since my Kinesiology class in Massage School. I read extra books about it and study pictures of it and most importantly, I feel it all day every day whenever I touch anyone. I learn the most by listening to different bodies with their different experiences. I’ll give you my Fascia Lecture elsewhere, with another plug for The Fuzz Speech on YouTube by the brilliant and accessible Gil Hedley. So, given respectful, listening hands, tools and techniques for accessing fascial wisdom, stuckness, releases and healing can be found in lots of modalities.

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

My favorite styles of bodywork right now are: MyoFascial Release, John F. Barnes Method, Bio-Mechanical CranioSacral Therapy, (especially for head and brain trauma), Visceral Manipulation ala Jean-Pierre Barral and Active Isolated Stretching, the Mattes Method. I also rely occasionally on deep tissue techniques for acute injuries and issues, because they can be very effective. For the most part though, they’re unpleasant to receive and not much fun to give and I’m really after lasting relief which simply requires enlisting the body to initiate the changes. This happens by respecting the 3-D fascial web, not by forcing tissue according to outside whims.

Please follow your curiosity in any of the above techniques by visiting the links below:

I’ve listed my four favorite techniques in the order in which I use them generally on a daily basis for an average situation. I do still perform Swedish Relaxation or Wellness Massage, but the above techniques are so vastly superior in long term outcome in addition to being generally very relaxing to receive that I spend more time with them.

What all four of those favorite perspectives or languages have in common is deep respect for fascia. Now you’re probably curious about why this white stuff, so long ignored by medical students in cadavers, is so important to effective bodywork, why it’s probably the most important piece of true physical wellness.

Read on gentle bundle of fascia…