About Claire

Massaging women's right shoulder.The Passion of My Practice

I find daily joy providing therapeutic bodywork for a variety of clients in a variety of settings. My passion is to help relieve chronic pain and to work primarily with pediatric clients.

My Evolution of Joy

I was born and raised in Portland, OR with two hippie parents and a bunch of ducks, geese, chickens, dogs, bees and a brilliant younger sister. I traveled and worked all over the country in my twenties and thirties. With my BA in Philosophy, I enjoyed many years teaching private piano lessons and answering telephones cheerfully.

Always searching for the perfect beginning to musical education eventually led me to become a teacher for Music Together of Portland. Be sure to click on the link for more information about this research-based national program providing exceptional, fun learning communities for children and their adults to explore movement, music and life.

During the years I was primarily home with my young daughter I was also very active with the Weston A. Price Foundation as a chapter leader in Portland, connecting farmers and consumers with mutual interests and hosting many a potluck with Real Nourishing Food. To learn more about a remarkable way to discover a healthy lifestyle, click on the link…but follow it only when you feel ready for a whole new lease on your potential.

Though intensely interested in the role of nutrition in human health and development, I refocused my education to work directly with bodies on the macro level. Indulging my passion for manual labor and my intense desire to help others live life fully, I completed the basic training to become a massage therapist in March of 2006.

Fascial Felicity

Here’s a list of my favorite treatment modalities along with a few links to help you better understand them:

Now I am back to raise my own family in Salmon Nation with the slugs and the ferns and the Douglas Firs.