Client Bowen Reports

Claire Darling Bowenwork LogoHere’s what my clients are saying about their Bowenwork experiences… 



I slept 10 hours and my neck, which was gorgeous yesterday after being Bowened, remains still quite pleasant.  Last evening my tinnitus was at hurricane warning levels and this am is but a breeze….  I know how hard this is because it challenges everything you have already become proficient in.  

Sticky note: It felt like a liquid massage bathing all the way down my spine, warm fluid just like liquid flowing along.I’m still in awe of the deep level of relaxation that I reached — and then could come out of quickly when you come in and then go back.  Wow! 

Immediately and next several hours thereafter:  softness, presence, connection to the part of me I love most and haven’t been hanging out with nearly enough in the last few years!…

Not sure how much I can attribute to the Bowen work or not, but I can say it definitely played a part, and it well may have been the catalyst, for a shift that is occurring in my inner trajectory – towards wholeness, ease and reconciliation, if I had to sum up what’ going on.

…And I definitely felt stronger and energized after our session and some time thereafter-

Hi Claire,

Just to let you I felt much more normal and myself after our session. No more headaches.

Hey, I think I may be enjoying more focus and concentration, just like the old days! It feels good.

I really think that my breathing is better, although I kept forgetting to breathe deeply in the recovery room, and I would trigger their alarm and they would have to remind me…. Back and neck were pretty stiff for a couple of days, but I don’t seem to have neck pain as often.

Thank you for seeing me, my upper jaw just sank right where it needs to be and my bite was aligned. Yaay! The upper teeth are feeling really good again.

The Bowen this last time brought such a sense of here and now integrity it feels complete for now.

Well, I still don’t believe in it, but I am amazed at how much it’s helping my shoulder.  It just doesn’t hurt and I can put on my coat without a problem. My left knee isn’t a problem anymore and my ankle is supporting me.  Oh! And I’m sleeping better and longer.  Weird!

Hey Clairesy!  My goodness, Bowenwork is potent, especially when you do it. And now about four hours after doing the work with you I’m still twitching and unwinding and feel like I’ve barely gotten started and it’s way intense…

Anyway, I figured you’ld appreciate hearing that.  Love ya.

Sticky note: I really feel a lot better, I do...and my knee doesn't bother me at all anymore. It's funny.Good Morning Claire, my Angel of health and mercy.  My cough is so much better. Thank you my beloved, thank you.  I’ll let you know what the results are.  I have to reschedule me a hundred million times.

You know, I like Cranio better, but if there’s a problem, the Bowen Work seems to work faster, deeper.

Oh my God.  That was amazing.  I cannot believe how relaxed I am.  Incredible!

Part I 07/07       Massage last week didn’t really help. Shoulder is still really in pain.

Part II 08/08       It doesn’t hurt; it never hurt. The shoulders,neck…pain was never an issue.

You know, I didn’t tell you this before Claire, but I had been thinking I should go to my naturopath for a colon cleanse.  After the Bowen session, I think I had 8 bowel movements in 12 hours.  Pretty impressive; I am really cleaned out!

I feel Floating and Energized!   Clear headed, totally fine.  Hips balanced, not hinky. Tailbone all better.  Vision and energy good, better.;)  Neck-shoulders feel pretty good…