Therapeutic Massage Technique is Timeless and Ageless…

“He’s like a different kid after the massage. Came home and focused peacefully, no issues, no problems, just happy inside.” SP

A New Standard of Relaxation…

“Your touch is butter…one of the best massages I’ve ever had. And I’ve had lots. My skin is doing the Samba!” AB

A woman with a eyes closed, receiving a message around her temples.

Improved Range of Motion…

“I’m really pleased. I have full range of motion in all directions now and I could barely move [my neck]. I’ve never healed this fast before. The results were nothing short of miraculous… I did the exercises the next morning and again at night and applied ice. Doing great, totally excited. Your help was totally…

A woman face-down on a message table with black stones on her back.

Pilates Never Felt So Good…

“I want to say thank you so so so much, [the stretching] really made a big difference in Pilates today. And I just felt when I left your place and since, unhinged; I feel looser…I’m getting more range of motion, I can kick my leg higher, I can stretch deeper. I’ve worked with physical therapists…

A woman in a kneeling pilates position

Visit My Studio!

"My hands will love you for the duration of your time with me no matter who you are, what's wrong or right in your life or your body, no matter what you've done or failed to do."

New clinic location: 3877 SW Hall Blvd, Beaverton, OR 97005

In the rEvolution Pain Relief clinic, upstairs in the Beaver Creek Village office complex

If you have an appointment but do not have directions to my studio, please consult this map. You may also call or text me at 503.317.4873 or request directions via email to It can be tricky to find.  Google is confused...:)


A green leaf on a large pebble in the sand.A Comprehensive List of Approaches

Claire Darling looks beyond the nine-to-five approach of many franchise operations through her personal and empathetic relationship with her loyal clientele.  Whether you're looking for  blended sessions with Myofasical Release, (John Barnes), CranioSacral Therapy, Active Isolated Stretching, and Visceral Manipulation or Bowenwork (click here for details) massage therapy...Claire Darling, LMT offers years of comprehensive training and success in bringing your body and spirit into alignment.

Claire Darling, LMT Wellness Rates

Length Price Paid same day
30 minutes $100 $50
60 minutes $200 $95
90 minutes $300 $125